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25 June 2024 - 27 June 2024
Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Connecting that matters.

CONNECTO 2024 - a conference that connects

Save the date in the last week of June for the CONNECTO 2024 conference that will transform your business journey. A unique opportunity awaits you to expand your business network, acquire new business opportunities and cooperate with proactive and enterprising individuals from the BiH diaspora.  

INTERA Technology Park, together with partners and co-organizers, and with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), proudly invites you to the new edition of this B2B conference, taking place from June 25th to 27th. Be our guest in person at the conference on the first day, Tuesday, June 25th, in the Europa Hall at INTERA Technology Park. After the conference program, live B2B meetings will follow on site. The remaining two days, June 26th and 27th, are reserved for online B2B meetings. The conference program will also be available via live Internet streaming, at the link below:

If you participate in online B2B meetings, all you need is a computer or mobile device (with a functional camera and microphone) - and you're ready! Your meetings will take place through this platform - there is no need for any special software. For all attendees at the conference venue, we will provide assistance and space for online meetings.

Register here today and seize the opportunity to establish new connections with interesting individuals from your industry, as well as potential future partners in your business ventures!

Which industries are in focus?

This year, the focus is on the topics related to education and cooperation in the following sectors:

  • Industry
  • Production
  • Innovations
  • Digitalization
  • New technologies
  • Education 

...as well as many other sectors that require knowledge, technology, and skills to ensure their presence in the international market.

CONNECTO’s vision

Our special attention is dedicated to BiH business diaspora. We envisioned CONNECTO as a platform for matching BiH business diaspora with entrepreneurs in BiH who will eventually be able to:

  • export products and services to the global market
  • generate new, well-paid jobs
  • create innovative products and solutions
  • enable new opportunities for young people in BiH
  • maximize and use the exceptional potential of the BiH labour market

If you share our vision, it's ONE REASON MORE to register and become a part of the CONNECTO 2024 conference!

Please don't be discouraged to utilize this networking opportunity just because you are not the member of BiH diaspora - on the contrary - CONNECTO is open for everyone worldwide!

Official languages: English and BCS (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian)

Participation at CONNECTO conference and B2B meetings is free of charge.

Important dates

May 2nd - June 25th, 2024Registration and business profile completion
June 1st - 27th, 2024Booking of B2B meetings
June 25th, 2024CONNECTO 2024 conference and B2B meetings (onsite)
June 26th - 27th, 2024B2B meetings (online)

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88000 Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina
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Participants 209
Meetings 176
Bosnia And Herzegovina 214
Serbia 14
Croatia 10
Montenegro 7
United Kingdom 5
Sweden 3
Slovenia 3
Greece 3
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Nigeria 2
China 2
Hungary 2
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