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25 June 2024 - 27 June 2024
Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina
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Open until 24 June 2024

The Marketplace allows participants to present their offer and request products or services and to find suitable business partners according to them.

Present your offer

Present your offer in more detail by posting photos and videos for each item along with the text.

Increase visibility

Use Marketplace to increase the visibility of your profile and attract those who are looking for your product or service.

Post more products 

Publish several different items (products, services, offers...) that you offer within your business.

More efficient B2B meetings

B2B meetings become more efficient as the interested party gains a better insight into the possibility of cooperating with you.

One profile - multiple roles

You have your own product that you want to improve or place on a new market, at the same time you are looking for new interesting startups to invest in them. For certain projects you offer mentoring, while for other projects you need a subcontractor or advisor. You have a surplus of business space that you want to rent, at the same time in another location you are looking for space with the appropriate infrastructure for your offices. For all of them, you have specific requirements accompanied by appropriate photos or videos, as well as specific contact persons and their data.

These are all items we would like to see in the Marketplace next to your profile.

Thanks to our sponsors and partners, this opportunity is available free of charge to all participants.

Contact Organizer if you need any assistance!

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88000 Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina
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Participants 149
Meetings 64
Bosnia And Herzegovina 136
Serbia 11
Croatia 10
Greece 3
United Kingdom 3
China 2
Montenegro 2
Sweden 2
Hungary 2
Bulgaria 2
Slovenia 2
Spain 2
Latvia 1
Nigeria 1
Denmark 1
Norway 1
Switzerland 1
South Korea 1
Albania 1
Germany 1
Israel 1
United States 1
Italy 1
Australia 1
Total 189
Company 113
Association/Agency 18
Other 17
Start-up 14
Authority/Government 11
Freelancer 8
R&D Institution 4
University 4
Total 189
Profile views
Total 1610